Thursday, 22 May 2008

ceci n'est pas un ticket

Now I'm looking forward to it...

I may or may not be back with a full report: or I may, in passing, just say something like "oh, it was amazing!" I know that's a bit presumptive, but they didn't disappoint on the previous two occasions I've seen them.

In the meantime, a small dose of surrealism.


Caroline said...

hmmmm ... what is it then?
I am easily confused.


zola a social thing said...

At last Trousers has made a decision.
"This is not a ticket".
Usually we get " Might this be a ticket?
Do you agree that this could be a ticket?
Nice that you think this could be a ticket.....

After another year who knows our lovable trousers will....... trousers Will?

Merkin said...

Weeeeeee love it when TrouserSnake makes a decision
Obviously, Zola, we are Old Bastards.
(Well, some of Us)

trousers said...

It's not what it is, Caroline, it's what it's not that is the main thing - otherwise confusion does indeed follow.

Thing is zola and merk - and sorry to disappoint in the face of such apparent progress - but it wasn't my decision to make...