Thursday, 26 July 2007

Still life with plug socket and product placement

Things have been getting a bit desperate lately. Only four bottles of whisky left, and just one of those was a single malt. Not a good state of affairs: the top of my fridge, where said bottles sit, was starting to look a bit desolate. The single malt itself hasn't far to go, so whenever I've fancied a tipple I've been drawing increasingly on my reserves of the lowly blended stuff.

Last night I went to a gathering of bods who had been involved in one way or another with the music festival I had been helping at a couple of weekends ago.

As thanks for my travails (whatever that means), I was given a present: things are looking rosy again!

I like it when this kind of thing happens.

Meanwhile I'm away this weekend, visiting a couple of good friends and their wonderful 8-month old daughter in a lovely North Derbyshire village (so North it overlooks Manchester from a great height). Hence, things will be a little quieter here at the Press, probably. Unless I do some late-night, less-than-sober writings. Either way, have a good weekend yourselves, whoever might read this.


lavenderblue said...

have a wonderful weekend..........
looking down from a great height...isn't that what god does ?
love to you x

trousers said...

I think that is apparently what God does, though at more than just Manchester :-)

Have yourself a glass of whisky and a good weekend too xx

Pixie said...

YOu mean the God's world is bigger than Manchester.I'm shocked.

Have a fab weekend. at least you won't get flooded up there!

trousers said...

Don't be shocked pixie - "apparently" being the operative word in that sentence!

I've more chance of being snowed in that flooded, I think (well, maybe) - though the forecast looks to be ok for the next couple of days thank goodness x

Merkin said...

'whoever might read this'?
Abandon all hope.........
That is before the weekend, even.
Funnily enough, things are that usual synchronicitous way.
Merkin, too, is heading for a weekend where whisky will be a constant reminder of things past and present that are nice.
Meeting a former student of mine who always wanted to know the correct etiquette about drinking of the national drink.
Wish me luck. Haven't seen him for 2 years.
I may even write about it, presuming the four Russian Gypsy Dwarfs don't spirit me off to somewhere electrifying (as in nipple fun).
On the other hand................

DJ Kirkby said...

Have a fantastic weekend, I will pop over to look for some less than sober ramblings at some point.

zola a social thing said...

Don't forget yer socks me old.
Have a good weekend
but one needs two socks.

Anna MR said...

Have fun, honey housut...missing you already


lavenderblue said...

I have 'still life with plug socket'.
Mine is still because the plug socket is attached to the pump in my fish tank.
It is not working.
I am blowing bubbles to keep my two remaining fish alive.

anticant said...

There used to be a radio comedian whose catchphrase was "If you haven't been to Manchester, you haven't LIVED!"

If my parents hadn't been in Manchester, I wouldn't have lived: I was born there.

trousers said...
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trousers said...

Oooops that was me deleting my own comment, I'm half asleep and not making much sense.

Merkin, hope you had a good weekend too, I certainly did - though the drinking was very moderate this time round. I did think about the "Abandon all hope" thing when I wrote "Whosoever..." - probably a result of being over at the sinister welder's place.

dj kirkby, obviously I never got round to any further ramblings while I was away, but the internet access was a little intermittent, and I didn't want to spend ages in front of the computer whilst staying with my friends..

zola, thanks for your wise words - I followed them to the letter.

anna dear, I missed you too - thank you! x

lav, I hope your fish are ok? Sounds like a bit of a nightmare, has it been sorted out? Hope so x

anticant, I don't know Manchester especially well, though I do enjoy visiting there and the parts of the Peak District nearby. I have a Derbyshire accent which is really not much like the Manchester accent, but I've lost count of the amount of times people asked me if I was from Manchester.

lavenderblue said...

Oh thank you for even asking....and as you have, no! they are not....I was left with 3 out of 16, thanks to a new tank,stress and the local pet now left with Dreadnought and Blanche, Eartha is dead and I have yet again to empty the tank ,refill and hope so much not to lose the last 2.
I did tell the shop that the thrice failed pump/filter was going through the window / up his jacksie any which way ...BUT I am upset. did ask kisses and welcome back xx

trousers said...

I did ask, yes lav - I'm really sorry to hear of all this hassle, you must be v annoyed and upset to say the least. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the remaining two, not to mention for a decent pump/filter to find its way to you.

Thanks, amidst all that, for the welcome back - I must go to get some sleep though... x