Saturday, 7 April 2012

Misreading the signs

I had to make a sudden and unexpected journey yesterday. As I did so I saw a sign next to a building plot, which I read as

Open Sausage Land

Conjures up some strange images, certainly. The actual wording was, as you might expect, much less interesting - "open storage land".

I've also started reading the book by Caroline Smailes that I mentioned in the previous post. I had a certain amount of trepidation as I began reading 99 Reasons Why yesterday - not due to anything about the book itself, might I add. Just that the last couple of times I read her novels, I had to put them down and return to them at a much later date since they coincided with some rather challenging times that I was facing. So yesterday, as I travelled across the country to visit a loved one who'd had a sudden admission to hospital, I wondered, "what could possibly happen this time?"


Zhoen said...

May it just rain, not pour, this time.

trousers said...

Thank you Zhoen - the thought is much appreciated. The signs thus far are that you're right, too. Here's hoping, anyway.

Anna MR said...

Hei there housut, hope you're coping with life and its things okay today.

I had a look at your blog profile - why not? - and saw that under your favourite music, you'd listed, amongst others, the name of the well-known star Omelette Coleman (totally in conceptual-continuity keeping with one of the fun themes of your blog).

I thought you might appreciate, my dear.