Saturday, 18 February 2012

In anger

I cannot believe what the government of this country are doing, and for which they have no mandate. If, as is often said, you can judge a society on how they treat the most vulnerable, then our society is currently failing very, very badly. 

It's not just the government, in fact - sections of the media are essentially acting, as one might expect, as the government's propagandists. Yet when a right-wing, normally pro-(conservative) government paper like the Daily Mail publishes articles like this, it shows just how far - and rapidly - we've travelled in a very worrying direction.

I know I don't often speak out on here about political issues, but increasingly over recent weeks and months I've had a growing sense of unease, which is now developing into rage and despair. We ignore issues like this at our peril. Legislation like this doesn't affect me, you might say, since I don't have a disability. No I'm not disabled, but it's hardly a stretch of the imagination to consider that I might be at some point in the future. I hope not, of course, but if I were I would hope to be treated with a basic level of decency and understanding. At the moment, that appears to be too much to ask.

Combined with the ever-more-punitive treatment of anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves out of work (thankfully, some of which is starting to get the response it deserves), it appears that there is a concerted attempt to change attitudes. It would be wrong-headed to say that because someone has a disability, they have a problem - however what's even worse is reaching a state of affairs in which if someone has a disability, they are seen to be a problem.

How did we get here, and how is this even considered to be acceptable?


Fire Byrd said...

Things must be bad if the DM is reporting it! Read a similar article in the Guardian yesterday. It's good that some big stores... TKMaxx, Waterstones are refusing to use this scheme. Shame on Tescos.

BTW your word ver is very annoying now.

trousers said...

Yes, at least there are signs of a backlash. It's just unbelievable.

Sorry about the word ver, but comments from spambots are even more annoying.

Carol said...

I work in the community and see the impact of these policies every day! Makes me completely and utterly hopping mad (to the point that I've actually gone out and demonstrated on more than one occassion!).

I'm in the process of writing a research proposal on seeking the views of those that are going through the process of disability entitlement cause the stories I'm hearing from patients *shakes head*

C x

trousers said...

Carol - yes, me too. It bothers me. I can't stay silent any longer. Do keep me informed on your research proposal, please.