Saturday, 25 July 2009


Just got back from a fabulous (I know I've already used that word in the previous post) first evening of the music festival.

I'm just very, very pleased that, in the events programme, my name is there under the section headed "Special Thanks." I hadn't expected that.

Time for bed.


lakeviewer said...

See what happens when your checkbook follows your heart?

Caroline said...

I smile when you're happy.

DJ Kirkby said...

That is cool!

trousers said...

lakeviewer, yes!

I was going to attempt something very witty there about wondering which of the two has the lesser capacity...but at this point in the proceedings, my wit isn't as sharp as such a comment would need :)

C, I hope you smile more often than that! But no, that's a lovely thing for you to say.

Deej, it is, isn't it? It's just one of those very nice touches which shows great thoughtfulness.