Thursday, 24 May 2007

Crossed Wires

In a wee while I'll be going out to watch the playful, intense, innovative and wildly inventive instrumental combo called Battles. I've seen them a couple of times and they're well worth paying a few quid to go and see.

However, what's really compelled me to go is the fact that The Modified Toy Orchestra are playing as the support act. Modified Toy Orchestra are five dapper gentlemen who play music only using toy instruments which have been electronically modified (I'm still puzzling over how they got their name). They're quite marvellous, and if they play "A Grand Occasion" (go on, click on the link), then it really will be one.


Anonymous said...

Toys for Boys?

trousers said...

Most definitely.

Stray said...

sounds fab! I am off to google and you tube immediately!

When I was kid I went on orchestra camp and we did a piece in the performance using vacuum cleaners and bits of pipe and stuff ... you've brought back some very lovely memories.

We are playing a game on my blog! Come and play, I think you will be ace!


Saturday.Night.Subversive said...

Wicked link, simply wicked.
Lots of fun for all the family.
The Addams Family, I think.